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Mobile Patrols

This service suits any business that wants to maintain a high level of security and safety within their premises during evening and weekends, but do not have the requirement for a static security officer at all times.

With Krypton FM Group all visits to the premises are computer recorded and are arranged at irregular times so avoiding a noticeable pattern that could be exploited by criminals Our Mobile Patrol service is the most cost-effective, and efficient alternative to the presence of a static security guard.

The Mobile Patrols therefore serves not only as a deterrent, but can also be extremely helpful in the early detection of any possible problems, for example windows left open by staff or alarm malfunctions.

Verify The Patrols Have Been Correctly Undertaken

To verify the patrols have been correctly undertaken, a patrol monitoring system is installed at the premises and reports downloaded and forwarded to clients on a regular basis. This type of service we are pleased to be able to offer nationwide and can ensure efficient, reliable and cost effective patrols to our customers.

All Krypton FM Group Mobile Patrol

All Krypton FM Group mobile patrol staff are subject to the same vetting standards, and undertake the same training as our static security officers. This rigorous training ensures the quality of our security guarding at all times.

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