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Krypton FM Group Guards is a renowned name providing professional dog security in London
For over a decade, the Directors of Krypton FM Group have been providing exemplary security services to a whole range of clients. Whether based in a hotel, retail park, an event, a store, a hospital or healthcare provider, a college or university. We provide manned security guarding for a multitude of situations and occasions.

Did you know…..?
Statistics show that depending on the site, dog security guarding can be more of a deterrent than many other forms of guarding? Amazingly, in a world where EVERYTHING is based on technology, data shows that one of the most effective intruder deterrents are dogs trained in security procedures and protection. Whether they are checking a warehouse and its surrounding area for intruders or on location at an event checking for illegal substances in bags or cars, security dogs are an intrinsic tool for any good effective security company

At Krypton FM Group Ltd We Pride Ourselves

At Krypton FM Group we pride ourselves on providing the best dog security in London and the surrounding area. Whilst security dogs are usually used for securing houses and properties, their importance in searching people, luggage /bags and cars cannot be ignored.
Krypton FM Group dog guard services include:
Static dog guard services for premises (private or commercial)
Mobile Patrols
Personal Escorts
Personal Protection
Krypton FM Group Guards provides the best dog security to ensure peace of mind
At Krypton FM Group Guards Ltd, we employ specialist handlers who are trained by N.A.S.D.U (National Association of Security Dog Users) standards in security dog training.

The Presence Of Dog Guards Is Particularly Ideal

The presence of dog guards is particularly ideal as an enhancement to your security provision during event delivery as well as protecting vulnerable premises. The dogs’ extraordinary sense of smell, and the speed at which they detect, make them an invaluable aid to security provision.
Our services can include the supply of highly trained dog guards for any business to give protection to your premises, your personnel and attendees at company and public events.
Whether you require detection of substances in luggage or bags at the door of a hotel, or require security at the entrance of a high profile event, Krypton FM Group Guards are the best in providing professional dog security services in London, and surrounding areas. We provide the best trained dog guards to investigate any suspicious activity. The presence of dog guards is an open sign and a deterrent to any potential criminal activity.

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