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We offer comprehensive construction and development security solutions for working construction sites. Our construction security services Leeds to solutions includes manned guards based at your premises, the installation of CCTV cameras and fully monitored alarm systems. Our SIA licensed security guards deliver a fully integrated guarding and surveillance service for your development/construction site, including: redevelopment sites, and / or building demolition sites.

Why security is needed at construction sites?
Several accidents can take place at a construction site. Asking organizations for security can prevent certain disasters. Any construction site has to implement standard safety measures, stringent processes and keep unwanted persons out of the premises. In a calm city likeLeeds, there is no harm in being extra careful. As, security guards will help you in staying more safe and protected. They will take care of ensuring that your environment is well protected. However, for construction sites, their presence is very much important.

Protect Buildings From Catching Fire

They protect buildings from catching fire, and to watch for any signs of potentialcombustion. More importantly, if there is a fire, they know how to act to ensure that all employees are evacuateout of the site, keep the fire damage to a minimum, call the fire department and help them cordon off the area. Studies have shown that by immediately calling the fire department, the damage can be greatly reduced.

CollateralConstruction Site Security Is Beneficial!
Every construction site is prone to danger. Anything can happen at any time. Which is why in Leeds the security teams are trained to assist and act during any emergency..


Theft can be a real concern for a contractor. Construction equipment is normally very expensive, and even scrap materials can have significant value. All locks are designed to do is act as a deterrent. Gaining access to the site can be easy for a determined thief if there are no armed or unarmed security guards keeping watch. Which is why they make sure in Leeds that nobody is robbed.

Ensuring Health And Safety In Leeds

Health and safety regulations have to be in check. You cannot have anyone entering the construction site without a hard hat and other safety equipment. At the same time, you can’t have civilians, who don’t belong at the construction site, entering it. Which is why, you have to discuss this with security companies in Leeds. They will provide security guards that are equipped to communicate well enough that such compliance standards cannot be violated without causing any problems.

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