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At Krypton FM Group we understand the enormous responsibility and risks that the healthcare industry faces every day not least of which is ensuring the safety and well-being of patients, staff and visitors alike within what can be a highly stressful environment, while continuing to deliver a quality service, within ever-tightening budgets.
To respond to this need, we have developed a team of specialist healthcare officers, each of whom is highly-trained to manage (often highly-charged) healthcare security situations sympathetically, yet firmly.

Security patrols.
Uniformed officers can patrol the hospital grounds and wards as a visible deterrent for the prevention of crime and disorder.

Accident and Emergency Departments (A&E)

This can be a particularly challenging environment and one in which our security officers may be required to manage patients under the influence of drink and drugs, and who are frequently abusive and violent towards medical staff. Such situations can involve control and restraint, assisting the Police and ejecting any violent or abusive individuals.

Incident management

Our security staff will respond to a wide range of incidents, from dealing with violent and abusive patients or visitors, locating missing patients, helping against theft and criminal damage to property or belongings, or the provision of an escorting officer who can accompany staff safely at night, or indeed can give aid by comforting bereaved relatives.

Mental Health Units

This area has unique situations for our officers to manage. Patients may be confused and disoriented so they have to be dealt with sympathetically. While protecting any patient it’s important that our own security staff ensure their own safety as incidents can quickly and easily escalate, sometimes with a violent conclusion. It’s imperative these situations are handled with care and diplomacy.
These specialist services have been developed using in-depth discussions and a thorough understanding of the issues facing healthcare professionals every day. However, because every healthcare situation is unique, we would be happy to discuss any aspect of this service on an individual basis with our client.

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